Lay solid foundations for your book!

After the success of the first workshop in March 2018 we will be arranging the next workshop for:

Autumn 2018


How to avoid the mistakes that turn expert speakers, entrepreneurs, consultants, therapists and trainers into amateurs when they publish.

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 Spend a day working with the experts – write / publish / brand your book – make sure your book is as brilliant as you are!

WHY this day is essential for business owners who want to write a book

You know that putting your business expertise into a published book has never been more urgent. But you are swamped by the pressures of clients, work, time, etc.

The answer is not to wait for time to miraculously appear, but to change how you approach writing, branding and publishing your book. Working with the professionals will make sure you start your book, build an audience and get your book out there.

WHY you want to write a book and need to know how to do it brilliantly

You know you need to write a book to raise your profile, reach a bigger audience and grow your business.

  • You might be great at proposals and reports, but don’t know how to share your information and message in a book.
  • Despite being great at what you do, you don’t stand out from the crowd.
  • You want to build a more unique, powerful brand.
  • You know your existing clients will love your book, but are unsure of how to reach new readers and clients.
  • You are overwhelmed by the publishing options available and have no idea which is the best route for you.

WHY you need to spend the day with these writing, branding and publishing experts

Martyn Pentecost: Author, Ghostwriter, Authoring Development Mentor, Creative Director

Janey Lee Grace: Personal Branding & PR Consultant, Journalist, Radio Presenter, Author

Richard Hagen: Publisher, Author, Content Marketing Strategist, Speaker

Your team of experts will share insider insights that will help you write your book, build your personal brand and grow your business through a high-quality book.

As they help you navigate the writing, publishing and branding minefield you will learn:

  • the kind of book you need to write
  • the people you need to write it for
  • how to make your book compelling
  • how to make sure your readers get results
  • how to stand out from the crowd
  • how to be yourself in a way that attracts business
  • how to build a strong, personal brand
  • how to build an audience and generate publicity
  • how to make money from your book
  • how to use your book to attract your ideal clients
  • how to turn your expertise into a range of products
  • how to scale your business up even if it is just you working in it


MARTYN is co-founder of mPowr Publishing; author of more than twenty-five books (business, personal development, complementary therapy and fantasy fiction titles); creative director of mPowr Publishing and author development mentor at Immersive Publishing. He will unlock the writing strategies that equip both you and your readers for success.

WHAT do I need to do to write a great book?

It is time to write your book…

Have you ever had that feeling of standing breathless on a station platform, watching the train speed away? You’re being jostled by people who are getting where they are going, whilst you have missed your connection. That all-important meeting has now turned from opportunity to disaster.

If you’re not writing the book that demonstrates your business expertise, then you are already in danger of being that person. The latecomer, the one left behind.

However, this might not be the biggest risk to your business…

…Writing a poor-quality book that belittles your skills, dilutes your brand and doesn’t get results for readers will seriously damage your business. Falling into that trap is like getting on the wrong train and heading off in the opposite direction!

Writing your book, one that demonstrates you are a leader in your field and shows that clients can trust you completely, is essential to the forward-thinking businessperson.

In this workshop, I will share the secrets that will make your book better than you ever imagined. You will also learn how the writing process itself can be a very real part of your business success.

  • The Author’s Vision vs. the Reader’s Needs
  • The Importance of Story and Storyselling
  • We Read with Our Hearts, Not Our Eyes
  • The Power of Engagement
  • The Secret of Writing a Compelling Opening Chapter
  • Haunt Your Readers
  • Then Obsess Your Readers…
  • Writing Your Book—The Success Story


JANEY is the bestselling author of YOU are the BRAND; personal branding and PR consultant; journalist and interviewer for BBC Radio 2 and number one influencer in the natural beauty industry three years in a row.

WHAT do I need to do to build my brand?

Share your message with the world…

People will do more business with you if they know you, like you and trust you. Revealing what makes you unique and trustworthy is essential.

You have a valuable message and can deliver great results.

How much more successful could your business be when you step boldly into the spotlight?

Creating a unique brand attracts all eyes. You will shine and inspire confidence.

Writing a great book is a fantastic way to support this transformation as you develop your own powerful brand.

You will connect with many more prospective clients and fans, become attractive to the media (who are much more likely to feature/review/promote a book that will touch their own audience than any product or service). You will also be able to get your message out to many more people than you could ever do on your own.

Journalists, editors and producers love experts. Once you are a published author of a terrific book, it is clear that you are not just an expert but an AUTHORity on your topic.

My own books have helped establish my personal brand and drive my business success. I will share the secrets that help you:

  • get clarity: on your USP, key marketing strategy and your ideal readers
  • create compelling content for your book
  • create new connections as you write that reveal your insight
  • gain confidence: no matter how shy you are you can still step into the spotlight to share your message with the world
  • promote your book once it is published
  • build and nurture your list to create a fan base

 You will leave knowing how to…

  • create a media pack
  • ensure you give a winning initial impression
  • present the pitch that journalists want to hear.
  • be a great interviewee
  • be effective at social networking
  • promote yourself and your book (advertising versus PR)
  • build your mailing list and community
  • become the go-to expert in your field

RICHARD is co-founder and managing director of mPowr Publishing; author of books on spirituality and publishing; content marketing strategist at Immersive Publishing and speaker.

WHAT should I do to get my book published in the best way?

Write Your Book—Grow Your Business

Most speakers, consultants, coaches, trainers, therapists or entrepreneurs can only work with a small number of people at any one time.

  • As long as you are swapping your time for money… your business is limiting itself.
  • As long as you are chasing new clients rather than have them seek you out… your business is limiting itself.
  • As long as you are working with people who aren’t quite your perfect client, because you need the money… you are limiting your business.
  • As long as you are seen as just another expert, rather than a leader in your field… you are limiting your business.
  • As long as you are competing on price with everyone else… you are limiting your business.
  • As long as you are presenting other people’s models, ideas or strategies… you are limiting your business.
  • As long as you operate different parts of your business in silos where books are separate from services or events… you are limiting your business.
  • As long as you don’t have an overall business growth and marketing strategy in place… you are limiting your business.

You will explore the powerful strategic business elements that allow you to make the most out of writing your book, publishing it and reaching your audience.

  • Multiply the value of your time, creating once and selling often.
  • Presell your prospects by demonstrating your expertise and skill by delivering results to the reader.
  • Qualify out awkward clients and attract more of your ideal clients.
  • Reveal the unique insights and tools you use as a leader in your field.
  • Create compelling reasons to only work with you, allowing you to shift to premium pricing.
  • Develop your own unique IP (intellectual property) that means your clients will always link you and your method to their success.
  • Integrate with the other areas of your business so that you offer a complete customer journey from low-cost products to premium personal services.
  • Drive the development of an effective growth and marketing plan for your business.

As well as these strategic elements of writing and publishing you will also get practical, behind-the-scenes information.

  • Which of the different kinds of business books will suit your agenda.
  • The practicalities, strengths and weaknesses of the various publishing options (traditional, hybrid, self).
  • How the numbers work in books and ebooks both online and at retail.
  • The most profitable way to make money from your books.


HOW is this workshop tailored for your needs?

You have expertise, experience and insight; however, you want to reach more people, attract more of your ideal clients and make a powerful, lasting difference. Writing a great book will help you achieve these goals.

You have expertise, experience and insight; however, you don’t stand out from others in your field, or perhaps others seem to be much more successful at promoting themselves though they cannot deliver the results you can. Understanding and developing your own personal/corporate brand is vital to standing out and attracting clients.

You have expertise, experience and insight; however, you are limited to charging reduced or standard fees and find yourself swapping time for money. To grow your business you need to understand how to turn your expertise into a system that scales your business through products (and which also allows you to increase pricing on your premium services).

A book is not a magic-bullet solution on its own. It can create powerful, long-lasting effects for your business when it is part of an overall strategy and integrates with every aspect of your business.

This one-day workshop is unique.

  • It is not selling a get-rich-quick scheme that says you can write a bestseller in a few days or hours.
  • It is not telling you to write your book as a new business card (think about it… most business cards are awful).
  • It is not telling you to write a book first and only after this think about who it is for and how to market the book to them.
  • It shows you why most business books fail to impress the reader.
  • It shows you how to make sure your book is powerful and compelling, delivering great results for the reader.
  • It warns you of the damage most business books do to the brand and credibility of the author.
  • It shows you how to make sure your book builds your brand and raises your credibility.
  • It reveals why most business books sell very few copies and don’t help the author’s business to grow.
  • It shows you how to write books that sell and which also drive your business to the next level.

You are committed to your business, to your clients and customers. This workshop is focused on making sure that the book you write will deliver the best results possible for your readers, attracting more of your ideal clients and allowing your business to grow consistently.

Throughout the day there will be a mix of input, personal reflection, practical exercises and the opportunity for questions and answers.

This workshop will take place in Central London (venue TBC) on Wednesday the 14th March, 2018. Registration will commence at 9.30am, for a 10am start, and the day will finish at 4pm.

Add your name and email if you want be notified of upcoming workshop events.