This STANDARD publishing service is perfect for those who know that they are too close to their project to be able to edit it objectively and clearly. You value your professional knowledge and expertise but recognise that forensic analysis and reflection on your own text is not in that skillset. 

Our editor will review your manuscript word by word, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter. 


Did you repeat sections/examples because of an overeager use of copy and paste? Would breaking up long sentences increase the impact and improve the sense for the reader? Did you use ise here, ize there? Did you effect your skills when it should have been affect? Word choice, sentence construction, grammar, consistency of usage and clarity of meaning are all part of the line-edit polishing process. 


The editor will revise the entire manuscript for you to approve the changes. 

Once you have made your own final tweaks and approved the final edit, we will take your completed manuscript and complete a proofread of it. This proofread is designed to spot minor spelling, grammar or typographical errors and correct them. 


Then your manuscript is locked down and moved into the design and publication phase. 


Working with the team, a detailed book description for use on the rear cover will be created. This will also be critical for your marketing and promotional strategy. Once the sizing of the book has been decided (page size), the manuscript will enter the design period. 

You may already have clear ideas about the design of the interior of the book. If not, our designer will suggest three options for you to choose from for the interior: font type, font sizing, page layout, etc. Once the interior design strategy is finalised the entire interior of the book will be typeset. 

Again, you may already have clear ideas about the cover design for your book. If not, after consultation our designer will recommend three options based around stock imagery or pure text design elements as well as three options that are unique, custom designs/artwork. Once the general design is agreed the detailed cover design will be created. The book description (blurb) will be incorporated into the cover design. 


Ahead of publication, you will receive 20 physical copies of your book. You can use these as promotional items or to gather reviews (which can also be incorporated into the final publication edition when planned for in advance). 


When the final publication format is created, the book is made available through the world’s largest book distributor to traditional bricks-and-mortar retail outlets, libraries and online stores. 

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