The publishing world has changed dramatically in the last fifteen years or so with the rise of e-books and, more importantly, the easy availability of self-publishing routes. 

However, just because it appears easy to self-publish this is rarely the best option for writers, particularly business writers. 


Finding an agent or partnering with a traditional publisher may be the way to ensure high quality for the reader and the widest distribution for a title. Using a self-publishing platform such as Amazon’s KDP provides maximum control by the writer, but with no quality control. 


Richard Hagen and Martyn Pentecost, the team behind Book Brand Business, have been in the publishing business for almost sixty years (combined!) and are aware of the disadvantages and advantages of each publishing model. 

While working with many traditional publishing projects in the business arena it became clear that many writers weren’t looking for the partnership involved in this approach. However, they still wanted their books to be top-quality experiences: books that were professionally published (avoiding the risks of self-publishing) according to their own needs. 


Book Brand Business was created in this hybrid space to meet these needs. This hybrid publishing service brings a professional editorial, design and production team to a writer’s project to ensure the quality and professionalism of the book. 


Publishing the book under an official publishing imprint means that no one will be able to tell the difference between a Book Brand Business project and a traditionally published one. 

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